Early Recovery Program for Substance Use Disorders Treatment

Nearly one in every three homes in Connecticut is directly impacted by a Substance Use Disorder.  The current Opioid Epidemic shows no sign of letting up.  In response to this crisis, where both directly and indirectly no one has remained unscathed, Perspectives Treatment Center has launched its Early Recovery Program , or ERP (for short) for those suffering from Substance Use Disorders.

Our Early Recovery Program has been designed as an alternative to traditional Intensive Outpatient Programs for those struggling with their use, consequences & failed attempts at stopping the use of substances such as Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Opioids and other drugs.  Many of our patients come to us directly out of residential rehab level of care, but there are those who come to us to address their Substance Use Disorder & related issues before needing the residential rehab level of care

The Early Recovery Program utilizes both Individual & Group Therapy. We operate using open enrollment so new patients can start at any time. ERP is open ended, meaning there is no set number of visits. Duration of the program is clinically driven and designed around each patient's specific needs. ERP is a Minnesota Model based program which includes an unapologetic embracing of  12 Step philosophy.  That being said we also utilize many of the principles of Motivational Interviewing and the Mutual Aid model in our approach to treating patients.


ERP Group Therapy :  This is the clinical cornerstone of the ERP.  The modality of choice for treating addiction is Group.  Our groups are gender separate, meaning the Women have their group and the Men have theirs. There is an incredible healing power that comes from processing feelings, emotions and experiences with peers who have walked the proverbial mile in your shoes. This healing power works extremely well with those trying to Recover from Substance Use Disorders.  Groups occur at a frequency of once  a week, and typically last for about an hour.

ERP FAMILY Group Therapy : Addiction is a Family illness.  It affects everyone, parents, spouses, children and anyone who loves the addicted family member. Where are the family members going with their pain?  Who helps them?  This group is designed to serve as resource and support for Family members who have a loved one struggling with their attempts at Recovery.  Their journey of Recovery is unique and different from the Recovery process of their loved one. Often Family members aren't even aware of the pain & suffering they're experiencing nor are they aware of how they can benefit from professional help.  They are often surprised to discover that the single greatest thing they can do to help their loved one who's recovering from addiction, is to take care of themselves...first.  Sadly, family members who don't properly take care of themselves often, albeit unknowingly, sabotage their loved one's recovery attempts. 

ERP Individual Therapy : Individual therapy sessions help support what our ERP patients learn in group. This treatment modality allows patient & therapist alike valuable time to singularly focus on the challenges the patient is facing. It is also the place to work on and address not just their Recovery issues, but also Mental Health issues such as depression, anxiety, medication and family.  Individual session typically occur at a frequency of once or twice a week and run 50 minutes in duration.

 Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) : Perspectives Treatment Center is an adamant supporter of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) as it has helped Treatment outcomes dramatically.  MAT is the inclusion of strategic Medication usage concurrently with traditional Psychotherapy components.  Some of these medications include Vivitrol, Naltrexone, Suboxone and Narcan. Perspectives enjoys a long history of working collaboratively with such prescribers within geo-access of our area.


There is no shame in needing help, only in not getting the help you need.  To discreetly schedule an Intake & Evaluation appointment directly through our website click here: Appointment Request or, please email us at [email protected] .

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