Before Your First Visit

Hi, we're looking forward to meeting you.  We at Perspectives Treatment Center believe that our first session should be spent getting to know one another and not filling out a pile of paperwork. Unfortunately, some paperwork is unavoidable.  To help keep the required paperwork from imposing on the time in our first session, we have posted the Core 3 required forms right below so you can download them and fill them out at a time of your convenience prior to our first session.  Please bring them with you to your first appointment.  Some of the paperwork is self-explanatory, while some of it understandably may not apply or will require interaction with the Therapist to complete.  If you can't seem to fill out all of it, not to worry, your Therapist will be happy to help you with it during your meeting.


If you would like us to coordinate care with another provider (for example, your psychiatrist, primary care physician, EAP, etc.), or with someone else on your life (i.e. spouse, significant other, parent, child, loved one, etc.) complete this form to authorize release of information:


  • Authorization to Disclose Information Form

In keeping with the high value we place on our time together. we encourage you to take advantage of our ability to expedite your Insurance eligibility check and authorization prior to your first visit.  Simply call our Benefits & Insurance Specialist, Karrie at 410 861 603 . Please have your Insurance card handy when you call. Karrie will be able to give you on-the-spot information on just how well your Insurance coverage will work with us

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