Teletherapy & Telecounseling

The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone, but it needn't serve as a barrier to people attending their Counseling sessions.

Perspectives Treatment Center is offering "Teletherapy" via Video Conferencing through your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. No special software or apps are needed for our patients to participate. It is 100% secure & HIPAA compliant.  And YES, your Insurance company will pay for it, including Husky.


Benefits of Teletherapy

Teletherapy or telecounseling often illicit a lot of emotions when offered as a therapy option to clients. Some individuals think, “Great I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas,” while others might reflect, “Are you still going to be able to help me the same way?”

So I thought it was important to break down “teletherapy,” and explain how it can better serve you.

For starters teletherapy is not usually solely over the phone. Therapist, life coaches and psychologists everywhere are using various HIPAA compliant platforms that work similar to FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Counselors can still hear inflections in your voice and read facial cues just as before. However, keep in mind a good connection is necessary. This platform allows more freedom in choice of a provider and more flexibility for the client. Here are some benefits of “teletherapy.”


Flexibility – Being able to sit down and open up a laptop to have a session often makes it very easy to schedule appointments, and it cuts back on the time it takes to get to those sessions. So instead of having to put aside 2-3 hours to account for commute you would only have to schedule for the time for the session.


Helps with Restricted Mobility – A lot of times clients might struggle with physical ailments such as cancer or diabetes that make leaving the house difficult at times. This could be unfortunate because that might be the moment they need a caring ear the most. Also busy stay at home parents tend to appreciate this service as they did not need to get a babysitter or gather the kids in the care for daycare.


Reduced Cost – There is less cost in gas, use of car, planning for babysitter, time off from work etc.


Consistency & Progress – Since their are fewer obstacles in the way such as a “broken down car,” or “I have to be out of town for work,” than therapy can be more consistent. What that means for you as the client is seeing more progress as you reach your goals. Also teletherapy allows for impromptu sessions should you the client be experiencing a crisis or an emotional emergency that requires a last minute therapeutic intervention.


Comfort of Home – A lot of times clients go to life coaches or therapists because they are struggling with anxiety, social phobia, fear of judgment, paranoia, fear of the outside world etc. So asking a client to get out of their comfort zone and come to a new environment, meet a new person, and share inner most secrets can be quite jarring and challenging for some. Teletherapy is a great way to remove a lot of those barriers and provide a little comfort on the way to personal improvement by allowing the client to experience a session from their home or work.


Access to Specialists and Freedom of Choice – Teletherapy is a great way to increase your options. Some of us can be limited by our zip code or being in rural areas or perhaps your travel schedule makes it difficult to accommodate for your choice of coaches or counselors. This medium allows you to find a trained therapist or coach that best meets your needs and evokes change. The goal is to build trust and become partners in your journey of growth.

So in short some individuals may be uncertain of teletherapy at first, but it is another way to bring us the services that we need and ultimately improve lives. The treatment is the same, the struggles and clients are the same, but the ability to progress and connect can be something entirely new if given the opportunity.