Family Recovery Program

National statistics indicate nearly 1 in every 3 households in North America suffers directly from the disease of Addiction. These statistics also indicate that should the addicted family member seek treatment, their chances of a long lasting Recovery is significantly enhanced by the participation of Family in their treatment.

Addiction is a FAMILY Disease, meaning EVERYONE in the family suffers from it, even if it isn't obvious. Hopefully your loved one has gone for treatment, but where have you gone for help with your pain? Where do you go to Recover from what you're suffering? Too often the answer is "no where". Suffering is optional. You don't have to deny your pain or the pain of your Family any longer. Treatment is now available at Perspectives Treatment Center. It's convenient, confidential and we take Insurance, including Husky. It's time for YOU to Recover too. Let us show you how.  We look forward to hearing from you.